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Learn more about the pacemaker options available to you from Medtronic.
2 of 9 | August 2017 IMPLANTABLE CARDIOVERTER DEFIBRILLATORS C1721 – Cardioverter Defibrillator, Dual Chamber (Implantable) DEVICE MODEL NUMBER
Permanent Pacemakers and Leads | SpringerLink
A 5-position NBG (NASPE/ BPEG Generic) Code is used internationally to describe the various pacemaker functions (Table 6.1).
A2DR01 Advisa DR MRI - Medtronic
Performance Notes For This Model. There are no performance notes for this model.;JSESSIONID_productperformance=7KvcZCKLS82QHLJbf9Qrs6QG0MbTNMP3stFtmCjm4FWRQv7Bwn2G!-2139304115!-1970462919
KVDD901 Kappa 900 VDD - Medtronic
Including Normal Battery Depletion – This curve includes devices that have reached at least 80% of expected longevity. This curve is most representative of clinical ...;JSESSIONID_productperformance=xLVFZvTXR0t1h5GnwWTKHS6BPKJtLLjQH5X286dnJjZLhbFtCbdL!-2139304115!-1970462919

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