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A Style for Round Glassy WPF Buttons - CodeProject
A style for giving WPF buttons a glassy, Windows Vista-like look.; Author: Lev Danielyan; Updated: 5 Jan 2009; Section: Windows Presentation Foundation ...
Sound Code: Creating a Custom WPF Button Template in XAML
In this post I will demonstrate how to create a custom template for a WPF button using XAML. In particular we will look at being able to have complete ...
RoundedButton Button Style (WPF) - Geekswithblogs.net
OK, so what else (aside from change a button to be round cornered) does the RoundedButton style give us? Well, first, there's the traditional 'hover' look
Styles, Resources, and Control Templates in WPF ...
This article will show how to use Styles, Resources, and Control Templates in WPF.
Introduction to WPF Templates - CodeProject
An article that gives an introduction to WPF templates; Author: azamsharp; Updated: 15 Nov 2008; Section: Windows Presentation Foundation; Chapter ...
Get rid of button border in WPF? - Stack Overflow
i am trying to get rid of button border and only display text, however a thin line around the text gets displayed even though i set borderThickness to 0 and ...
Foundations: Using Templates to Customize WPF Controls
When you use a Windows Presentation Foundation control in your application, you can replace that default template with one of your own design.
Rounded Corner Datagrid In WPF | Method ~ of ~ Tried
Introduction In this article we will see how we can make a rounded corner datagrid in WPF. Creating WPF Application Fire up Visual Studio 2010 and create a ...
How do I create a WPF Rounded Corner container? - Stack ...
We are creating an XBAP application that we need to have rounded corners in various locations in a single page and we would like to have a WPF Rounded Corner ...
Sound Code: XAML Gel Buttons in WPF and Silverlight
I found a nice tutorial on how to create gel buttons using Inkscape, and converted the technique to XAML. The basic idea is that you create three rounded ...

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